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Nothing is more important to rock drilling success than drill bits that cut straight and fast through all types of rock. That's why we offer our customers the best value in rock drill bits. MSD has a full range of face designs, button configurations, and

Hunan professional copper tungsten processing tungsten alloy rod

 tungsten-copper alloy production process specifications and processing precautions. Tungsten-copper (copper-tungsten) production process specifications have been continuous in the past two years. The continuous matrix phase copper metal matrix composite material has been widely used, gradually using refractory metals such as tungsten (molybdenum).The common production method of traditional copper/tungsten composite materials is the copper-tungsten infiltration method, and the tungsten-copper parts are mechanically ground into the final shape..

Plating Thickness Capability up to 0.3mm.Through proper pre-treatment of different base materials, a coating with good adhesion between the coating and the base material can be obtained.The shape of the base material can obtain qualified coatings on various base materials.Tungsten alloy electroplating process. The promotion and application of this process technology has good social and economic benefits..Corrosion resistance The corrosion resistance of the plated sheet was measured by immersing it in 5% hydrochloric acid and 5% sodium hydroxide. The results showed that after 72 hours of immersion in 5% hydrochloric acid, a blue protective film was formed on the surface of the coating to prevent corrosion. Further occurrence; soaking in 5% sodium hydroxide for 72 hours, the coating is intact.


Hunan tungsten alloy material tungsten carbide rod, the tungsten material is hard and will not be stuck by the fish mouth..The traditional lead fishing sinker is relatively soft, if it is swallowed by the prey, it is easy to get stuck in it and not easy to remove.The tungsten alloy fishing sinker is relatively hard and can be taken out of the fish mouth smoothly..Tungsten has strong wind resistance and good hand feel. Compared with lead fishing sinkers, tungsten alloy fishing sinkers have a higher density and strong wind resistance. The fishing feel will be better and the hooking rate will be higher..

However, there are two problems when the sand blasting nozzle works. One is the difficulty in absorbing sand due to the poor vacuum of the wet sand inlet of the nozzle and the too small diameter of the wet sand inlet during sand absorbing; the other is the internal spray hole and The nozzle wear problem caused by the inconsistent inlet interval of the sand-water mixing straight pipe section or the inappropriate selection of raw materials for the sand-water mixing straight pipe.

Tungsten nickel alloy is an alloy with high melting point, high hardness and high corrosion resistance. The nickel content is less than 10% or 10% to 25%, and the balance is tungsten..Tungsten-nickel alloy special metal powder compaction technology has high product precision, excellent mechanical properties, high surface finish, high data utilization, and low production cost; the production of parts is low in density and high in relative density 98%;