Rock Drill Bits,DTH Drill Bits

Nothing is more important to rock drilling success than drill bits that cut straight and fast through all types of rock. That's why we offer our customers the best value in rock drill bits. MSD has a full range of face designs, button configurations, and

Down-the-hole impactorworking principle

Impactor application range:

It is widely used in hole-forming operations in mines and water conservancy, hydropower, highway, railway, national defense, construction and other projects where metallurgy, coal, chemicals, and building materials are not busy. It is suitable for dry, feng-shui mixing and blast hole gushing wet operations with reliable working performance. , Is the ideal drilling and blasting equipment today. 


Down-the-hole impactorworking principle:

At the beginning of the impact stroke, both the piston and the valve plate are in the extreme upper position, and the compressed air enters the upper cavity of the cylinder through the radial holes of the valve cover and valve seat, pushing the piston to move downward at high speed to impact the drill.When the piston travels to the bushing and the spline groove is closed, the pressure in the lower chamber begins to rise, so the center hole of the upper end of the piston leaves the valve rod, the upper chamber is vented to atmosphere, the pressure is reduced, and the working stroke ends.When the piston hits the tail of the drill bit, the valve plate reverses its direction due to the pressure difference between the upper and lower sides, and the piston repeats its return stroke movement.. 


Features of DTH impactor:
1.Large single impact energy, low energy consumption for rock crushing;
2.The weight ratio of the piston to the bit is close, and the effective time is long, which is beneficial to improve the efficiency of rock breaking and prolong the life of the drilling tool;
3.The central exhaust and slag discharge effect is good, reducing repeated rock fragmentation;
4.Impactor with check valve device.Can drill blastholes in the water.HR series down-the-hole impactor.Widely used in thousands of energy, transportation, metallurgy, building materials and other industries, it is an ideal perforation equipment.


Down-the-hole drill model

Low wind pressure DTH drill bit: 8090 100 110 120 130 140 150 180 185 200 220

High-pressure down-the-hole drill bits: 115 127 138 152 165 178 195 203 216 240 254 304


Down-the-hole impactor model

Low wind pressure DTH impactor: CIR65 CIR70 CIR90 CIR110 CIR130 CIR150 CIR170 CIR200

High wind pressure DTH impactor: DHD340 DHD350 DHD360 DHD380 N125 SD12