Rock Drill Bits,DTH Drill Bits

Nothing is more important to rock drilling success than drill bits that cut straight and fast through all types of rock. That's why we offer our customers the best value in rock drill bits. MSD has a full range of face designs, button configurations, and

Cemented Carbide Column Bits for Rock and Mine Drill Bits for Mine Drill Bits Alloy Drill Bits

Raw materials:

1.Using high-quality alloy steel, good wear resistance.

2.Under high temperature conditions, it still has high hardness, better toughness than ordinary alloy steel, and is resistant to dth drill pipe Strong abrasiveness and impact resistance


Performance characteristics:

1.According to different rock formations, high-quality cemented carbide buttons are used, and the drilling speed is fast

2.The drill bit has high corrosion resistance, high wear resistance and high thermal stability

3.Suitable for high-speed rock impact and blasting; conducive to working conditions, high rock breaking efficiency

4.Can be customized according to customer requirements, design the head structure and the shape of the carbide button


Down-the-hole drill bitThe main purpose:

thread drill bits In the case of large-scale projects and mines where construction machinery cannot be constructed, drilling tools must be used when drilling and blasting.In fact, it turns big rocks into small rocks, which is good for moving.

Note: Where the land is expensive and the foundation is inconvenient for excavation, a high wind pressure drill bit above 800mm is also used to drive the foundation hole.

Recommended drill bit grades and applicable rocks:


Wind bit

(Slot drill bit, cross drill bit, column tooth drill bit, etc.)


Medium-hard rock formations, metal-bearing ores, iron, lead-zinc, copper-gold mines, etc.


Softer rock formations: sandstone, limestone, weathered rock


Hard rock formations: marble, granite, etc.

Down-the-hole drill bit

(High-pressure down-the-hole drill bits, low-pressure down-the-hole drills)


Medium-hard rock formations, metal-bearing ores, iron, lead-zinc, copper-gold mines, etc.





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Diamond bit PDC bit

PDC drill bit performance specification 

1. Product description and features 

Diamond composite disc (PDC) is a special superhard material synthesized from synthetic diamond and cemented carbide at one time under high temperature conditions. It not only has the advantages of high diamond hardness and wear resistance, but also has the impact resistance of cemented carbide It has the characteristics of strong and large cutting edge. Using it as the blade of the drill bit can greatly improve the working efficiency of the drill bit. It is an ideal drill bit for drilling medium-hard and hard rock formations..

In this series of diamond PDC drill bits, the body is made of high-quality steel forged and formed, and processed by vacuum automatic heat treatment equipment to increase mechanical properties.. 

Common type adopts domestic high-quality complexdrill shank adapterCombined blades are used as blades. The super-strong blades are made by GE in the United States. The corresponding quality level is selected according to different geological conditions, which can achieve higher product cost performance and achieve energy-saving and efficient economic indicators.. 

The blade of the high-strength diamond drill bit adopts the newly developed spherical diamond blade, which is characterized by fast drilling speed and strong impact resistance..When the drill bit is drilled, the lip is used to scrape the rock in the normal and uniform formation. The protruding part can suppress the momentary large-scale footage when the drill bit encounters a gap during the drilling process, which greatly reduces the accidental damage of the drill bit and improves the drilling of complex rock formations. Advanced. 

The diamond drill bits produced by the company are spread all over the country in coal fields, oil drilling, geological exploration, water conservancy and hydropower, railway roads, tunnels

Road construction and other industries.The two-wing PDC bolt bit (half-slice standard type) is suitable for rock formations below Grade 8. Under the same rock formation conditions, the drilling life is 10-30 times that of ordinary alloy bits, and the efficiency is increased by at least 60%. There is no need for grinding, which greatly reduces the labor Labor intensity, saving working hours.The key raw material for the blade of the two-wing PDC bolt bit (half-piece reinforced) blade is produced by the American GE company, and its diamond content is 1% of that of the ordinary bit.5 times, excellent abrasion resistance, significantly improved efficiency, reduced overall cost, suitable for medium-hard rock formations below grade 12. 

2. Product parameters 

1. Best adapted rock formation parameter table: 

Line number Types of Adapt to the rock formation

1 Ordinary PDC bit F<10 soft-medium hard layer

2 Strengthen the PDC bit F=10-12 medium hard layer

3 High-strength PDC bit Hard Rock with F<18 

2. Suggested parameter table for diamond composite (PDC) drill bit drilling rules: 

Line number Specification mm Drilling specification parameters

Drill weight (Kg) Drilling speed (rpm) Pump capacity (1/min)

1 28 300-700 300-350 150-200

2 30 300-700 300-350 150-200

3 32 300-700 300-350 150-200

4 48 300-700 300-350 120-160

5 65 320-800 250-350 130-180

6 75 480-1200 200-300 150-200

7 94 640-1600 150-250 200-250

8 113 880-2200 120-200 200-300

9 152 1500-3000 100-200 500-850

10 190 1800-4000 100-200 600-1200

11 230 2200-4500 100-200 750-1400

12 270 2400-5000 100-200 1000-1500 

3. Product description 

1. During normal operation, it is strictly forbidden to reverse and change the running direction suddenly to prevent the composite drill bit from falling off.

2. During normal operation, there should be no air leakage in the main air path of the air compressor, and sufficient air volume and air pressure should be ensured to extend the diamond

Use time of stone composite drill bit.

3. When the new composite drill bit is used for the first time, run-in at low speed for half an hour, and then gradually use it normally.

4. When operating in harsh geological environments, reduce the axial pressure and speed to prevent the drill from breaking.

5. During normal drilling operations, if the drill bit needs to be replaced halfway, strictly check whether there is debris in the hole and ensure that the hole is dry

Only use the new composite drill bit.

6. In order to make the drill work normally and stably, the stabilizer should be replaced regularly.

7. When using the new composite drill bit for the first time, pay attention to the cleaning of the punching part to prevent debris from affecting normal use.

8. Before replacing the new drill bit, carefully check whether the thread and teeth are intact, and gently push it with your hand to test whether there is no problem.

It is necessary to ensure that there is no dust inside, the air outlet is unobstructed, and the thread is lubricated. Only after the drill bit is connected by lifting and rotating coordination methods


9. It is strictly forbidden to use curved drill rods to avoid the damage of the drill bit due to uneven force and affect the normal use time.

10. Choose different drill bits and operating methods according to different situations.

11. Before going down the well, check all parts of the composite drill bit carefully to ensure that the drill bit has no problems before starting to use it.

Diamond bit

Scope of application

Suitable for drilling in medium-hard-hard (f=7~8) formations, and can be used in fractured, fractured and other responsible formations


Adapt to a wide range of lithology, long service life, low requirements for drilling conditions and operating levels.It can be used to adjust the diamond concentration and particles, carcass hardness, lip shape, and use to maintain the best drilling effect

Common specifications (unit: mm)

60/41.5. 75/54.5. 91/74, 110/90, 113/93, 133/113, 153/133.

Specifications and types can be specially designed and manufactured according to users' specific usage and actual requirements. 

Steel body type rock drill bits

Scope of application

Suitable for drilling in soft-medium-hard (f=1-8) formations, not suitable for use in fractured, fractured, and strongly abrasive formations.


Using high-quality diamond composite disc (PDC) as cutting teeth, the quality of the drill bit is stable, the drilling efficiency is high, and the service life is long. Different types of drill bits can be selected according to the characteristics of the formation to improve the overall drilling efficiency.

Common specifications (unit: mm)

Coreless: 56, 65, 75, 89, 94, 113, 133, 153

Reaming: 153/94, 153/113, 193/153

Specifications and types can be specially designed and manufactured according to users' specific usage and actual requirements. 

Carcass PDC bit

Scope of application

Suitable for drilling in soft-medium-hard (f=1-10) formations, especially for hard rock construction, not suitable for use in broken, fractured, and strongly abrasive formations.


The drill bit is processed by advanced sintering technology. The bit body has high strength and good gauge keeping effect. It uses high-quality diamond composite disc (PDC) as cutting teeth and is made with advanced welding technology. The drill bit has stable quality and drilling efficiency High, long service life, drilling is obviously better than ordinary steel body type.

Different types of drill bits can be selected according to the characteristics of the formation to improve the comprehensive drilling efficiency.

Common specifications (unit: mm)

56, 65, 75, 89, 94, 113, 133, 153

Specifications and types can be specially designed and manufactured according to users' specific usage and actual requirements. 

Arc angle PDC bit 

On the basis of analyzing and summarizing the conventional concave PDC bit, the arc angle PDC bit absorbs the design and production concept of PDC petroleum bit, combined with the construction characteristics and requirements of underground coal mine drilling, adopts a professionally designed and innovative bit structure, and optimizes the step tooth design and The processing technology makes the drilling more stable and efficient, and the drilling efficiency and service life have been significantly improved.


Scope of application

It is suitable for the drilling of various engineering holes such as geological exploration and drilling, water exploration and drainage holes, grouting reinforcement, pipe shed support holes, water injection holes, drainage holes, etc.. 

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High-pressure sealed triangular drill pipe using diamond bit classification
There are mainly the following methods commonly used in diamond drills

Interpretation of the various techniques of the cutting edge on the drill


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1.For finishing with cemented carbide, which cutting speed is used_____, and which cutting speed is generally used for high-speed steel tools_____.

A is higher, higher, B is lower, lower

C higher, lower D lower, higher


The cutting edge is not the most critical part of the drill, but it is an important factor affecting the drilling process.There are no unimportant geometric characteristics in tool manufacturing, each characteristic will affect the performance of the drill.Usually people don't take it seriously.

The geometric characteristics of the cutting edge on the cylindrical surface of the drill bit mistakenly believe that the cutting edge has little effect on the quality of the drilling. In fact, every geometric characteristic of the drill will affect the success or failure of the drilling..

The cutting edge is on the outermost part of the drill bit, forming the outer diameter of the drill bit, and always keeps contact with the machined surface of the hole.Due to the existence of the cutting edge, a gap is formed, which helps to control friction and the heat generated by friction. In addition, the gap can also allow coolant to flow into the cutting edge of the drill tip, further reducing heat generation.The cutting edge is also conducive to the stability of drilling, increase the strength of the drill bit and prevent the bit sticking.In addition to these main functions, the size, surface finish and quantity of the blade will also affect the quality of the hole and the processing time..


Remarks: 2 cutting edges (left) 3 cutting edges (middle) thread drill bits 4 edge belt (right)


1.Control the contact between the drill bit and the hole wall.

2.Supports radial force from the drill tip.

3.Improve the surface finish of the hole wall.

4.Inverted cone design to reduce friction.

Wide blade

More stable drilling.

Improve hole size tolerance.

Polished hole wall.

Improve hole roundness.

Narrow cutting edge

Reduce friction and heat.

Reduce the heat transferred from the workpiece to the drill.

Improve drill life.

Reduce scratches or scratches on the hole surface.

Cutting edge height At the same time, large jumps will be formed, resulting in excessively large machining holes.

Cutting edge too wide, Due to the large friction generated, the size of the machining hole will also be large; the cutting edge is too narrow, the drill will be unstable, and it will easily cause swing during processing. The above two situations will reduce the life of the drill.If the width of the land is too different, the radial force will be unbalanced during drilling. At this time, due to the inherent inertia of the tool, drilling will proceed in the direction where the resistance is small, that is, the radial force is small and the land is narrow..

?Changes in the geometry of the cutting edge will also affect the drilling.If the taper of the land is too large or the width of the land from the drill tip to the shank does not change much, the pressure and contact area during drilling will change, which will make the cutting force and friction of the drill uneven, resulting in unstable drilling. Machined holes into bell mouth or oval.

?The number of blades affects the surface finish, straightness and roundness of the machined hole.The more spiral grooves and cutting edges, the more contact points, the more stable the hole processing.Ordinary double-flute drills have two symmetrically distributed contact points or support points. The tool of this structure is unstable and is prone to swing during processing. The inspection with a profiler proves that by adding a contact point or bearing surface, the surface finish will improve rapidly.


?The three-blade drill bit forms an odd number of lands and contact points, dth hammer The drill bit with three blades has a particularly strong anti-swing ability.

1.Slight changes in cutting force can cause unbalance and flexural deformation.

2.The drill bit swings, resulting in "triangular holes".


1.The bit is ground slightly off-center, so the greater friction of one flute corresponds to the friction of the two edges of the second flute.

?A four-flute drill may be the best choice. The guide edge of the four-flute drill is followed by two squeezing lands to squeeze the surface of the hole wall..The contact point of this four-edged drill bit is twice that of the ordinary double-flute two-edged drill..The two extra contact points can make drilling more stable. This form is like putting a square shaft in a round hole.The square contact points can also make the drill bit evenly stressed.


1.Four edge belts provide more guidance and support.

2.The four-edge belt design can be drilled in the case of intermittent cutting, drilling cross holes, deep holes, bevel exits and arc exits.


Irregular export (above)

Intermittent cutting/cross hole (picture below)

In recent days, the drill bit of a machining center has been broken, and some of them are not broken, but they are old and damaged somewhere on the secondary cutting edge. It is estimated that the broken bit is the more severely damaged secondary cutting edge..After careful observation, it is found that the damaged parts of the secondary cutting edge of each drill bit are very similar, and can even be said to be the same height (the damaged parts are about twice the diameter from the edge of the main edge).I think there must be some truth in it. This truth is likely to have a great effect on solving the problem of abnormal breakage and damage of the drill bit.. From some drills with chips, this phenomenon may have a great relationship with drill chip removal.

Colleagues can provide some opinions, what is the reason for this phenomenon (the damaged parts of the secondary cutting edge of each drill are very similar)? Remember to reply in the message area!!!!


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How to choose drill bit for electric drill?Introduction to drill bit classification and scope of application

Electric drills are widely used in our daily life. Furniture installation, electrical maintenance, wall hangings, metal, ceramic tiles, wood openings, and screwing large and small screws all need to use electric drills and electric drills. Drills are inseparable, and drills are divided into many types. Different drills are suitable for use in different scenarios. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the classification of drills, and the purpose and use scenarios of each drill. Let me share with you the drills below. Introduction to classification and scope of application.


There are six main types of drill bits that we may often use: twist metal drill bits, masonry drill bits, woodworking drill bits, tile drill bits, glass drill bits, screwdriver bits. Of course, each type of drill bit is divided into many models according to its diameter..

Twist metal drill bit

Features: The head is normally at a 135 degree angle, with sharp drills

Scope of application: Mainly used for various metals and plastic boxes with high hardness of wood, suitable for low-speed drills (mainly hand electric drills).


Masonry wall drill bits

Features: flat head, blunt drill

Scope of application: Mainly used in concrete, wall tiles, ordinary ceramic tiles and other scenes with high hardness and coarse precision, suitable for impact drills and hammer drills.


Woodworking drill

Features: pointed, sharp diamond

Scope of application: Mainly used in various wood and some plastic drilling scenarios, suitable for low-speed drills (mainly hand electric drills).


Tile drill bit

Features: pointed, four-cut corner design on the head

Scope of application: mainly used for drilling ordinary ceramic tiles, suitable for low-speed drills (mainly hand electric drills).


Glass drill bit

Features: frosted head, drill body through hole

Scope of application: Mainly used in scenes such as ordinary glass, all-ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, ordinary stone, etc., when using it, water needs to be used (cooling).


Screwdriver bit

Features: mainly cross and plum screwdriver shape

Scope of application: Mainly used for screwing common Phillips screws, pay attention to control speed when screwing.


The use of electric drills is definitely indispensable to install and replace the drill bit. Let me share with you how to install the drill bit. In addition, if you choose a drill bit, it is best to choose a well-known brand. You can refer to the comprehensive ranking of the drill bit on Excellent drill bit brands include Bosch, Fang Dawang, and Xi Lead, East Asia, Zhengbang, Dulwich, Lichang, Sharp, DLTC and Bailey, etc..

1. Loosen the chuck and put it into a suitable drill

2. Tighten the chuck

3. Use the chuck key to tighten and reinforce


The above is the classification of electric drill bits, the scope of application and function introduction of drill bits shared today. I hope it will be helpful to everyone..

What is the drill bit for processing 304 stainless steel so well, and the speed is amazing!


1. Three types of drill bits are recommended, one is cobalt-containing high-speed steel drill bits, and the other is high-performance cemented carbide drill bits. Cobalt-containing high-speed steel drill bits are cheap, but have short life span, low efficiency, and poor precision. The centering drill has better effect; the special drill bit for hard alloy stainless steel is expensive, but the service life is good, the efficiency is much higher, the dimensional accuracy of the hole is also high, and the smoothness is also much higher. It does not need a centering drill to process, and can be drilled directly ; The alloy cobalt drill bit is better for comparison between the two. The stainless steel is characterized by high toughness and easy sticking to the knife.Therefore, the hardness of the drill bit is required to be high. The main components of the cemented carbide are tungsten carbide, cobalt, etc. The hardness is generally higher than HRC 90 degrees, and the cutting fluid adopts a thick emulsion. The cutting speed is as low as possible, because 304 stainless steel is easy to drill and heat, which can reduce the temperature and facilitate chip removal.

rock drill bits

2.The drill bits for high-cobalt high-speed steel processing stainless steel are: high-cobalt drill bits (m35 drill bits, m42 drill bits). Among them, the m42 bit has the best cost performance.


Violent drill fast drill

3. Alloy drill bit generally refers to hard alloy drill bit, divided into integral type, welding type, indexable blade type and replaceable head type.Alloy drill bits are generally made of tungsten steel, and there is a big difference between imported and domestic alloy drill bits..Imported alloy drill bits generally use VHM micro-grain cemented carbide (ISO K40), ultra-fine particle type (0.6), the surface of high-quality alloy drill bits will be treated with coatings, such as aluminum chromium nitride (AlCrN) coating, which is a single-layer coating with a thickness of 4 and a microhardness of 3200HV, 0.35 friction coefficient, thermal stability up to 1100 degrees Celsius.The color of the drill bit after coating is blue-gray.The coated alloy drill bit can process low alloy steel and high strength steel.High-hard steel can reach 54HRC.


Quick drill

4.Compared with the integral drill, the U drill is a tool that uses a combination of a center blade (inner blade) and a peripheral blade (outer blade) for hole processing..This structure determines that the U drill has an irreplaceable advantage over other drilling tools.

1Multi-specification versatility

U drill blades are suitable for various materials wholesale drill bits 4 types of chip breakers for chips, 4 types of materials suitable for processing of different materials, plus 2D-5D serialized diameter specifications, can be combined with hundreds of tool forms, which can meet more than 80% of the drilling processing requirements.

In addition, U drills are usually processed from the outside. Compared with the shape of the center, U drills are more suitable for processing conditions..(The following are common U drill applications)

2 High efficiency and low cost

U drill blades are all multi-point specifications. Generally, W-shaped and S-shaped blades are mostly, and can be indexed 3-4 times, so the processing cost is relatively low.With the continuous enhancement of U drill development technology, the application of new tool body structure, new coating technology, and smooth chip removal technology, the high speed and high efficiency characteristics of U drill will become more obvious.

3 ease of use

The U drill blade does not need to be re-grinded, and it is convenient to change the tool in the form of discarded blade; the drilling size is easy to control and unified; it reduces the time of tool change and tool setting. Click on the avatar of "NC machining old driver", and receive industry dry goods in the lower right corner!Because there is no need to regrind, when choosing a U drill shank, you can choose the best rigid shank, which can give full play to the high performance of the U drill..

Correct use of drill bits and precautions

Drill bit is a kind of commonly used hardware tool products. Although the size of the drill bit is relatively small, it is inseparable from the modern industrial construction industry. The drill bit also needs to pay attention to some matters during the use process, so as to ensure that it can be used normally. , It can also ensure its safety in use. What are the precautions for the use of the drill bit

1. The storage of the drill bit should be moisture-proof and ventilated.In the process of transportation, it is strictly forbidden to bump the cones and threads.?

2. It is strictly forbidden to use curved drill pipes to avoid uneven force on the three palms of the drill bit and accelerate the damage of the drill bit.?

3. During normal perforation operations, the main air path of the air compressor should not have serious air leakage to ensure sufficient air volume and air pressure to extend the service life of the drill bit.?

4. When the drill bits is in the hole and the air compressor suddenly stops working, the slag can easily enter the drill bit. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to rotate for a long time, which will cause bearing wear, repeated broken slag (or stuck), and accelerated drill bit wear..?

5. When the drilling tool is in the hole, it is strictly prohibited to reverse to prevent the drill bit from falling into the well.?

6. When a new drill bit is used for drilling, it should be used with low axial pressure and low speed for 20-30 minutes, and then gradually increase to normal axial pressure..?

7. When making a new hole with a new drill bit, pay attention to clear the debris around the hole (rocks, scrap metal, etc.), while rotating, ventilate slowly, close to the surface, and prevent sudden drilling and impact damage to the drill bit.?

8. The drill bit should be stored reasonably on the rig to prevent dust and other debris from entering the drill bit.?

9. Please check the appearance of each part of the drill bit before going down the well, verify that the end face of the drill bit thread is consistent with the factory number on the drill bit packing box and certificate; whether there is a cutting-edge trademark mark on the surface of the drill bit tooth palm to prevent counterfeiting.?

10. When drilling rigs, they must follow the principle of matching the three elements of the drilling (wind pressure, axial pressure, and speed) with the parameters recommended by the drill bit sample..?

11. When working in different rock formations, choose different types of drill bits, axial pressure and speed according to the hardness of the lithology; working in soft rock formations, replacing the drill bit in the middle, strictly check the alloy on the back of the palm of the old drill bit and the cone Whether the teeth have fallen off to the bottom of the hole, if there are residues of the old bit in the hole, it is strictly forbidden to use a new drill bit in the original hole; when the rock has cracks or the rock cracks caused by blasting and the work in the goaf, reduce the axial pressure And speed to prevent teeth from breaking.